Homework Policy

Students will receive homework Monday through Thursday. All homework is posted on Google Classroom. The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce learned skills and concepts. It is also to develop the sense of self-discipline, personal responsibility, and independent thinking. Homework are for the students and students should complete their homework independently. This helps the teacher diagnose where the student misconception lies. 


Independent reading will be assigned daily. Below is a chart of the suggested reading time for students by grade each night. Students will have to submit a reading response each week



Grade 1

Grades 2-3

Grades 4-5



15-20 minutes

30-40 minutes

40-50 minutes


20-25 minutes

40-50 minutes

50-70 minutes


25-30  minutes

50-60 minutes

70-90 minutes

To support academic vocabulary, student receive spelling words each week and have a weekly spelling/vocabulary test on Fridays. The words are introduced throughout the week to students. 

For mathematics, students are encouraged to study their math facts for weekly fact fluency tests. 

Students will homework in Science, Computer Science, and Technology as well. This homework may be in the form of a project task, computation task, or a written task.